Collection of school atlases and posters

just download and print (A3 or A2 size)

We are proud to present our charity educational project "Geo-House for school". Not for sale, not for commercial. We don't pretend to be added to the pedagogical plan, but we offer these maps and posters for sharing between teachers and tutors. We hope that it will help in youth developing and will be useful as auxiliary teaching materials. Different themes, unusual and interesting facts, cognitively information, technical and humanitarian directions. We hope that our work will be of interest to a wide audience. 

Collection of movie for kids


ملكة الثلج قصة خرافية للكاتب هانس كريستيان أندرسن نشرت في 21 ديسمبر 1844، تركز على الصراع بين الخير والشر التي يعاني منها بطلا القصة جيردا وكاي

فلاور الأحمر